Gift Shop is a platform where gifts of different categories are sold.


This is a completed project which includes

  • User Login and Registration
  • Category and Products
  • Confirm Products page
  • Checkout Page including static payment option ( Cash Or Card )
  • Feedback form

The admin will login with the same login form. (There is one static admin in this project)

Once the admin logs in, the admin dashboard will contain :

  • Total registered users

    1. The admin will be able to add user

    2. The admin can edit and update user details.

    3. The admin can delete any records from the user table by user id.

  • Total no. of feedbacks
  • Total orders received


This application requires Microsoft Visual Basics 2012 and above Version


All the instructions are provided in the live demo video 

Installation guide video

Category VB.NET > Gift Shop
First release 26 Mar 2021
Last update 26 Mar 2021
Files included .vb
Tags vb.net projects, gift shop project, mini ecommerce